Isabelle Moran is a Communication and Media Studies graduate from The University of Wollongong. She works with a range of media including photography and film and explores femininity, the human form and the subconscious.

Isabelle utilises projection, Adobe Photoshop and Premier as well as her Nikon D7100 DSLR in order to create stimulating scenarios that boarder on the surreal. She conveys her concepts through the use of alluring colour and intensified light, which gives her work their own unique persona. The way Isabelle displays her pieces within the gallery is vastly important, as she believes it becomes a critical element to the work itself and how it will be interpreted. Isabelle doesn’t work on any set scale, rather the opposite, if she intends for the work to be on a small scale she will print her images accordingly and sometimes of various sizes. If a work demands to be exhibited on a larger scale she will employ elements of projection, which consequently gives freedom to work with much greater proportions.

Isabelle’s unusual composition technique challenges traditional photographic art conventions. She attempts to stem away from conventional practices by having her subjects slightly off centre, with the intent to lure the audiences eye toward the background, establishing the relationship between the subject themselves and the location they are in.

Post studies, Isabelle aims to gain the privilege of becoming a visual art high school teacher, whilst continuing to practice the discipline for leisure outside of work.